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Boudoir FAQ

How much is a session?

The session fee is $150. That covers your pre-session consultation, your boudoir session and all the posing assistance you'll get. It also includes your proof gallery and time choosing your products.

Is hair and makeup included?

It's not included in the session fee but I highly recommend it. You can add hair and makeup to your session for $150. That session will take place in my studio right before your session. OR if you prefer, you may opt to hire your own stylist and have your hair and makeup done with him or her before your arrival.

Do you help with posing?

Absolutely! I have photographed women of all shapes and sizes and have attended countless hours of instruction with some of the most amazing boudoir photographers around the world. I will work with YOUR body to get the best poses and best angles to flatter YOU.

Do you provide lingerie?

Yes and no. I prefer you bring your own wardrobe but if you have nothing, don't let that stop you. I do have a nice selection of corsets and accessories and we can do an entire shoot with sheets if we want to! I can also recommend bringing a favorite shirt from your guy (or girl) or a favorite nighty or dress of your own.

Do you photograph men?

Yes and no. I do not photograph men by themselves but I do photograph men as part of a couple.  Couples boudoir is a sexy and intimate gift for each other.

Do you photograph transgender women?

Yes, I photograph any person who identifies as a woman.

How much do clients typically spend?

Most boudoir clients spend between $900 and $1500 to get everything they want.

Have another question? Send me an email and I'm happy to answer it!

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