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Pin-up, Pinup

Pinup FAQ

How much is a pinup session?

Click on Pinup Pricing for more information.

All sessions include a pre-session consultation to talk about your session.

Do you provide wardrobe for pinup?

Yes! I have an extensive wardrobe that includes sizes from XS to XXL. But I don't have every outfit in every size. That's why I recommend visiting the studio before your session so you'll have a good idea of what I have in your size.

Is hair and makeup included?

Yes! Hair and makeup is included with all pinup sessions, even pinup parties!

Can I bring a friend to my session?

Yes! Pinups are always more fun with friends. If you really want fun with friends, may I recommend a pinup party!

How many people do you need for a pinup party?

There's a minimum of 5 ladies for all pinup parties. If you don't have enough ladies, you can split the cost of the extra ladies between those or you who want in. Ask me for more information!

Do you help with posing?

Of course! I've been photographing pinup sessions for many years and have studied with some of the best pinup photographers in the world!

What inspires your pinup?

I love classic hand-drawn pinups and that's where I draw my inspiration. Artists like Gil Elvgren, Vargas, Petty are among my favorites. I recommend my pinup clients Google these artists and study their work to get ideas for their own pinup sessions.

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